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Studio Policy

Welcome to my cello studio!

I look forward to helping your child be the best cellist they can be by tailoring their lessons to each child’s specific level.

Here are some policies to be aware of:

  • Lessons are attended weekly as scheduled and if you cancel the lesson, then we can try to find a makeup time for that week. Unless due to illness, family matters or emergencies, any lessons cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson time will still be charged for that lesson.

  • Be on time and come prepared with music, cello, bow, notebook, rockstop and small chair if necessary.

  • For elementary and middle schoolers, a parent must be present at each lesson.This is to assist your child in capturing key notes and weekly assignments to help keep them on track during the week.

  • I will provide video recordings to assist the students with their practice as needed

  • Weekly practice – 30 minutes a day for those in Books 1, 2 and 3.If 30 minutes of consecutive time is not available, breaking this time into smaller timeframes will work if really focused.

  • From time to time, we may schedule cello performance classes to allow your child to play in front of others.

  • Parent/teacher conferences will be held periodically to have discussions about any changing goals or challenges.Parents are welcome at any time to call and discuss progress and give additional input as needed.

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