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Cello and music stand


Testimonials: Student Testimonials

"Miles is genuinely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about music and playing the cello. He can identify areas that need improvement and always offers positive encouragement and suggestions to help get past any challenges. He communicates well, always explaining things in a way that is relatable and easy to understand, supplying good examples, visual cues and encouragement to keep the student engaged. He encourages parents/guardians to take notes during lessons so that they can be referred to during practice sessions and encourages the student to keep a record of what is practiced at home for accountability and tracking progress. He sets the pace and content of lessons based on the student’s aptitude and current progress so that they are constantly interested and challenged. He has great judgment whether or not the student comprehends and has mastered a skill and can determine when it’s better to review or move on to learn a new skill. He also explains the reasoning/purpose of each skill or exercise so that we can understand how they build upon each other and when they are applied."

Anne M.

"My oldest son started playing the cello when he was in first grade through school. Then when my youngest started first grade he too wanted to play the cello like his brother. Now they are in 7th grade and 3rd grade and have enjoyed being a part of the school orchestra. 

We started lessons in January this year and I can truly say that I have seen tremendous growth in their playing skills. We have had family members and friends compliment both boys. Their strings teachers have emailed me to praise how much they have improved since starting with Miles. 

We have lessons once a week and my boys love it. Miles has been amazing! He started with teaching them the fundamentals, such as proper posture, bow hold, finger placement and much more. One night my husband and I were in the kitchen while our son was practicing in the next room. My husband asks me when our oldest will be done practicing and I let him know that it’s not him but our youngest. He was stunned! He said that he sounded so good that he just assumed it was our oldest. Lesson with Miles have been such a rewarding experience for us. Thank you Miles for all that you do for our boys!"

Wilma R.

"Miles has made a tremendous difference for the better in our lives because he encourages my son to do his personal best, which is the only way my son will play with his heart. Miles plays beautifully and his authoritative yet relaxed teaching style is accessible to my 11 year old boy. He wants to reach the expectations Miles has of him because of the way Miles conveys them. When my son hears Miles play, he wants to play like that too. He is experimenting with vibrato even though he's in Book 1. Before coming to Miles, my son went through his lessons like a bit of a zombie, even though he loves the instrument and his prior teacher was nice and played well. Since coming to Miles, my boy is so engaged that he practices with his own objectives on top of the ones he's assigned. He spends free time trying to play the songs he is learning on the piano by ear (he has no piano instruction). He takes pride in his playing and puts on concerts for his friends. We feel fortunate to have found Miles and are very happy he is teaching."

Zafiro P.

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